Claire, attentive and intrigued at age 2

Johnny still loves Playroom Prep at age 5


Playroom Prep was created by a teacher, Mary Ann Kemp, and her daughter Rosalyn, who is mother of two young children. 


Mary Ann brings 55 years of teaching experience into your home.  As a teacher on Chicago’s South Side, she was constantly impressed by the sacrifices families made for access to premier education.  She taught children from all income groups, every kind of household and each level of the spectrum.  While children and families were diverse, she found every child shared a common trait: they all need 1 on 1 attention. Since schools and teachers have limited resources, it makes sense for the people who know and love the children to take responsibility as an integral part of the learning experience before school even starts.


Mary Ann has a wish list of what children should be able to achieve on their first day of even preschool: hold their pencil properly, draw straight lines, recognize that English text moves from top to bottom-left to right; letter sounds and recognition are achievable as well.


She vowed her grandchildren would not take their teachers' limited time in the classroom to spend on things that could be taught at home, so she started working grandson Johnny at 18 months old.   They sat with the "apples to a basket" exercise from Section One over and over again.  He loved the attention and had no idea he was learning.   He loved the tree, the basket and the happy sun she'd draw in the upper right hand corner.  Soon it was clear he moved his crayon and eyes in the proper direction.


He looked forward to their time together each morning and would run to the playroom after breakfast.  He progressed in an impressive manner and people would ask what he was doing to achieve this.  The broad answer was “We work together every day,” but the specific answers lie within the Playroom Prep program.


Playroom Prep is your very first learning and teaching kit.  The research is already done for you – all you have to do is follow simple directions and spend a few minutes a day one on one with your child, talking about lovely illustrations and basic sounds, shapes and colors.


The early years of development are such a brief and critical time in a child’s life. Parents can choose to get this right, raise the bar and give children time each day to establish the importance and *fun* of time together to listen, talk and learn.