What Is Playroom Prep?

Playroom Prep helps you prepare your child for Pre-school and Kindergarten in a fun, age appropriate and engaging way: through colorful art!  Playroom Prep was created by a teacher who realized her students were unprepared the first day of class.  By joining researched methods with bright illustrations, Playroom Prep helps you teach essential early learning skills in a fun, simple way!

Why Does My Child Need To Practice?

Though top to bottom - left to right reading patterns and hand-eye coordination for forming lines seem innate, these are learned skills.  Ideally children who work with Playroom Prep won’t have to stop and think about how to grip a crayon properly or how to draw lines for letters when they enter Pre-school. Children who practice these skills will also be at an advantage when they learn reading and writing.  One-on-one attention during early days at home will prime them to take on more age-appropriate challenges at school as well as strengthen the home-school connection.

Where Does My Child Learn?

Playroom Prep happens at home. Pick a quiet place where you and your child are focused on each other and the book. Choose a time when you are both relaxed so you can tune in to each other and create a positive learning environment.

Who Teaches Playroom Prep?

Preferably a parent or grandparent will use this time each day to bond with the child and create emotional closeness. Nevertheless, the plan is set up so anyone -  a babysitter, nanny or older sibling - can engage and teach.  Everyone can help someone!

How Do We Teach Playroom Prep?

There is no wrong way to use Playroom Prep, though simple instructions detail suggested practices based on proven, researched techniques. Each activity follows a set sequence: the adult demonstrates, the child and the adult try together and the child repeats the steps alone. Most important, the lessons are fun, colorful, interactive and personal.  Meet your child where they are, but do try to ask questions that encourage creative and thoughtful responses.

Why Not Digitize Playroom Prep?

Playroom Prep is an alternative to screens.  Children need one-on-one interaction with a caring, speaking person while they develop new skills.  All Playroom Prep lessons are conversations: active listening between two people.  Playroom Prep bridges the social-emotional elements of learning with the necessary foundations of early learning.  There will be plenty of time for technology later in their lives; a screen is no replacement for you!

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