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From Choosy Mommy:
"Playroom Prep makes these awesome preschool-age activity books. They actually are right on track with what my 4 year old is learning at preschool. And the best part is that you can use a washable marker and wipe the book clean so you can use it all over again! Practice makes perfect! This is a great gift for the child who doesn’t need anymore toys and is eager to learn!"

Parent's Choice Awards (a few different parent reviews):

"Playroom Prep provided my child with a great educational tool that kept them engaged throughout use. The activities were very well written and right at the needed level for my child to use and still learn from using. I feel this product is a wonderful addition to any household that wants to prepare their child with a great start to their education."

"My son is very happy with his new book and I love that he is learning. It doesn't make him feel like he's working (learning). The book is very colorful and has really bright pictures in it. The marks that is made in the book by the crayon comes off very easily with the cloth provided. This book is perfect for my preschooler and I see him learning a lot from it."

Speech and Language expert, Sherry Artemenko from PlayonWords.com:
"When I opened “Playroom Prep,” I immediately recognized that a seasoned educator had laid out the fun (teacher mom and daughter team), engaging activities for children to prepare for their first classroom experience. As a speech-language pathologist I am always excited to see products created by teachers. I’ve worked with many parents over the last 35 years and some innately know how to teach beginning colors, concepts, vocabulary and writing skills through everyday activities and others are well-meaning but need some direction. “Playroom Prep” is perfect for parents who want to build early skills through fun interaction together with their child. Open the front cover to see the 3 simple steps–Prepare, Discuss and Trace. Parents are given a calendar of days and activities to build skills, shown how to expand on activities through conversation and given the proper grip and direction for tracing lines and letters. Each letter has arrows and numbers to indicate the direction and order of lines to be traced as well as illustrated words beginning with that letter sound, and cute full page illustrations reinforcing that letter for tracing practice. An erasable crayon and cloth are provided for repeat work. The discussion step demonstrates how to build language skills further, asking specific questions about the page, “What animals do you see racing toward the carrots?” to expansion questions relating the subject to your child’s experience, “Do you like to run and hop with animals?” ... Simple yet filled with essential learning tasks presented in a colorful, engaging way, “Playroom Prep” is portable fun, designed to teach pre-literacy, fine motor and language skills while building confidence and self-esteem."

Did you notice improvements after using Playroom Prep?

  • "Yes! Fine motor improvement and an improved dialogue in response to what he was doing on the page."


  • "Crayon grip, greater control when tracing, following numbers... she now makes letter sounds throughout the day as though she is trying to figure out what letter things start with.  In the beginning she wanted to scribble inside the shapes, but now she fills the shapes with lines or circles - more controlled images.  Amazing!"


  • "I saw particular improvement with sounds and drawing lines/letters."


  • "I definitely saw improvement in her ability to focus her attention and on her decisions to draw lines from left to right and top to bottom."

How did your child respond to Playroom Prep time?

  • "She loved the physical materials and brightly colored pictures!"


  • "Every time I pulled it out my child responded with enthusiasm and was able to finish an entire lesson with at least 10 minutes of engagement."


  • "She liked having focused mommy time and loved receiving positive feedback."


  • "My son looks forward to our 'Playroom Prep' time  - he thinks it's fun and enjoys the time together. I don't even think he realizes how much he is learning!"

What are your thoughts about Playroom Prep after using it?

  • "I love that it allows me to do fun, educational things with my child ... without me having to be creative!"


  • "The interactive lessons and illustrations are engaging.  The tasks are challenging, but simple enough to complete without frustration."


  • "I just loved watching my daughter's improvements - holding the crayon properly, increased motor control and patience, tracing in the correct direction... I also like that the program gave us focused time together, which she really enjoyed.  So often we are multi-tasking, but this provided structure for us to really focus on each other."


  • "I really enjoyed the bonding time with my daughter."


  • "I needed the help replicating the concepts being practiced in preschool.  This is such a great complement to preschool!"

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