Meet Your Child Where They Are - This is personalized education

Playroom Prep was created by a teacher who brings 54 years of teaching experience into your home. Long time teacher Mary Ann Kemp and her daughter Rosalyn found that while fantastic workbooks and programs exist for older children, there is little to nothing for our 2 through 4 year olds who want to "work" along side their siblings. This is just the plan to fill that gap: it is research-based, fun, interactive and personal.

All children are in different places in learning – Playroom Prep lets you meet them where they are, particularly because it is guided by you – someone who knows your child better than anyone – and because you are focused in a 1-on-1 setting. This is one of the keys to successfully helping your child achieve their milestones. As children mature, they will excel at some things and struggle with others. Mary Ann witnessed this daily as she taught children from all socioeconomic groups and more recently, on all levels of the spectrum. While children and families were diverse, she found every child shared a common trait: they all need personal 1-on-1 attention. Schools and teachers have limited resources, so it makes sense to have people who know and love the children play an integral role in their learning experience … before entering their first classroom.

Mary Ann has a wish list of what children should be able to achieve on their own the first day of school. “If only they could hold their pencil properly," or "if they could just draw straight lines, "or "how do they not know top to bottom - left to right yet?" She vowed her grandchildren would not take their teachers' time in the classroom to spend on things that could be taught at home, so she started working with grandson Johnny at 18 months old.

Grandma, grandson and a magnetic board. They sat together every day and did the "apples to a basket" exercise from Section One over and over again. He loved the attention and had no idea he was learning. He loved the apple tree, the basket and the happy sun she'd draw in the corner. He looked forward to their time together each morning and would run to the playroom after breakfast. He progressed in an impressive manner and people would ask what we were doing with him to achieve this. The broad answer was “We work together every day,” but the specific answers lie within the Playroom Prep program.

It’s really never too early or too late to get started, especially since you can tailor the conversations to your child. Order your copy today to bring home the joy of early learning and get off to a great start!

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